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Native Shades First 4 wooden watch collections Coming To Kickstarter!

NativeShades Will Be Launching Its First Official Kickstarter Campaign starting August 23rd-September 23rd, 2018! Along with over 30 Styles of Sunglasses Native Shades will be Introducing its first 4 Watch Collections With 4 Styles In Each Collection. We will also be introducing our first mechanical movement watch (no battery) along with our first integration of marble and wood. This is a chance for our supporters to get our very first collections unique to the Native Shades brand at the lowest possible cost. First 100 backers of each watch collection will receive the Early Bird reward on Kickstarter. Now for a little more specifics about our new collections and what inspired each design! The Yaxeka Collection: Yaxeka meaning "new star" in ...

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Native Shades Upcoming Kickstarter! New Designs Sneak Peak!

Coming Soon On:    For those who are not familiar Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that is used to bring peoples creative ideas and projects to life. Many top brands and well known companies have got their start on Kickstarter. Also many established companies and brands use Kickstarter to launch new styles or products ahead of time both benefiting the company and the backer who makes a pledge to help fund the project.  How it works:    Kickstarter is a trusted way to raise funding ahead of time for a particular project such as a new product that is in the early stages of mass production. People who pledge funds to a project are known as "backers". In exchange for their pledge...

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Native Shades Fall Kickoff! Our Latest Deals To Start the Fall Season!

Native Shades Fall Kickoff! Our Latest Deals To Start the Fall Season! To Start off the fall season we have decided to add a little excitement with a couple new deals and giveaways. We understand with the change of seasons the holidays are drawing closer and people are looking for deals ahead of time. 10% off all first orders still apply but little extra wont hurt and what about our repeat customers?     10% off all watches for the fall season: Just Enter Code: Fall10  For the fall season Native Shades newest offer is the 10% off all watches. If it is your first order sign up on our home pages at Native Shades to receive your code for 10% off...

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