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Native Shades Fall Kickoff! Our Latest Deals To Start the Fall Season!

Native Shades Fall Kickoff! Our Latest Deals To Start the Fall Season! To Start off the fall season we have decided to add a little excitement with a couple new deals and giveaways. We understand with the change of seasons the holidays are drawing closer and people are looking for deals ahead of time. 10% off all first orders still apply but little extra wont hurt and what about our repeat customers?     10% off all watches for the fall season: Just Enter Code: Fall10  For the fall season Native Shades newest offer is the 10% off all watches. If it is your first order sign up on our home pages at Native Shades to receive your code for 10% off...

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What Is The Native Lifestyle?And how can you apply it to your life!

What is the Native Lifestyle? The Native Lifestyle is way of living that is inspired by Native American wisdom and teachings and part of the NativeShades message. Its about applying the simple wisdom that allowed the Native Americans, before the European's arrived, to live as part of nature and flourish in a way and  a sense of freedom that is not seen today. Granted the tribes had unwritten and sometimes written rules but for the most part the people live a simple and free way of life coexisting and being one with nature instead of exhausting and causing harm to what gives us life. Only taking what is needed and having respect for the world around them. Now there is...

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Native Shades Top 5 New Wood Watches for October 2017

  Native Shades Top 5 New Wood Watches for October 2017  Native Shades may be known for wooden sunglasses because that's what we started out selling but since adding wood watches to our products we have realized the two just go together. If your looking for a more natural look adding some wooden accessories to the mix can not only achieve this but also seal the deal. Also if you want it you want something unique and one of a kind your gonna want it to be the real deal. At Native Shades your going to find all real natural products made from properly sourced cuts of wood or bamboo. Below you can find our top five new wood watches...

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Are you protecting your Eyes? Tips for good eye health!

 Are you protecting your Eyes? Tips for good eye health! Your eyes are your windows to the world and taking care of them can lead to clear vision of the world throughout your life. Some people are naturally prone to eye problems while others are born with the vision of eagles. But regardless which one you are or in between precautions can be taken and your vision can be improved  not matter who you are. Here are some tips for better overall eye health.    1. Proper Nutrition- What you put into your body can have a great affect on your eyesight. We all have heard eat carrots if you want good eyesight. But there are many other foods that...

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How Nutrition Effects Sun Exposure Risk!

  How Nutrition Effects Sun Exposure Risk! A lot of people believe the causes of skin cancer and other skin problems come from to much sun or not wearing enough sun screen. But it turns out after a recent study that the sun might not be the only factor and in fact the sun should actually be helping our health rather than harming it.  When it comes to sun damage the sun may not be the actual cause but the food you put into your body. Lack of proper nutrition is showing to be the cause of the harmful effects the sun can play on our health. Today there is a large portion of the population consuming too much sugar,...

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