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How and why you should be wearing "exotic" sunglasses

Originally wearing sunglasses might have been a matter of style but now its also a matter of health as well as self-expression.

Since your sunglasses come in such close contact with your face they can be strongly associated with your personality. Your face is the body part that people primarily identify with others. Sunglasses can add variety of ways to express you personality and how you want to be identified. 

You are usually asked if you want a metal or plastic frame when shopping for sunglasses but what about a wooden frame? That's were exotic sunglasses come into play.

Wearing wooden frames is a great example of how you can be creative with your sunglasses. Want to know were you can find a variety of wooden frames? NativeShades deals selectively with wooden and bamboo sunglasses and is a great place to find a style for you. Example below

Reasons to wear sunglasses

Here are the reasons why you should wear (exotic) sunglasses:

1.There and many extensions to your style and sunglasses should be one of them. What sunglasses you wear can be a great accessory that you should use to your advantage. Do you want something plain or something unique and original?

2. Sunglasses protect you from harmful UV rays. If you didn't already know harmful UV exposure can be responsible for cataracts, cornea damage, and other medical problems.

3. Wearing sunglasses, especially if you are out a lot, will keep your eyes rested. Always having the sun in your eyes can make them tired. 

4. Wearing sunglasses keep your eyes moist. To much sun can cause your tears to evaporate and dry out your eyes. Moister allows your eyes to function properly. 

5. Jet lag can be reduced with sunlight. The reduction of sunlight that enters the eyes tricks your body into not noticing your moving through time zones. Leading to a reduction in the disruption of your biological rhythms.

6. Headaches and eyestrain are reduce when wearing sunglasses.


Wearing sunglasses indoors

Some people say you shouldn't wear sunglasses indoors but there can be many different reasons someone might wear sunglasses indoors. Hear are some reasons:

1. Some people are photophobic. Photophobia is a condition where a person cannot stand bright light easily and even a normal illumination might seem too bright for them. People with this condition usually wear sunglasses indoors and outdoors. So dont be so quick to judge someone with sunglasses on indoors the reason might be medical. Blind people also choose to wear sunglasses most of the time no matter wear there at.

2. There are other medical reasons someone might were sunglasses indoors such as deformities, dry eyes or headaches.

3. Some people might just do it for style and we see nothing wrong with that since your style can also be an expression of your personality.


Clothes that match wooden frames

With all this talk of wooden and exotic sunglasses how about some examples of what to wear with them. 

1. Many Natural fabrics such as cotton, wool or silk go perfectly with hand made wooden sunglasses. Natural will always go with natural. 

2. There is no color wood doesn't match with. Going with almost anything is an advantage of wooden sunglasses. Bright colors they can tone out and pale colors they can enhance. There is an almost endless array of color schemes to go with wooden sunglasses that truly are beautiful.


Conclusion: Sunglasses are not only an accessory every one should use if they want to add to there style and express there personality, but can also be healthy and instantly change your look without even changing your clothes.


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