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Native Shades Upcoming Kickstarter! New Designs Sneak Peak!

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 For those who are not familiar Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that is used to bring peoples creative ideas and projects to life. Many top brands and well known companies have got their start on Kickstarter. Also many established companies and brands use Kickstarter to launch new styles or products ahead of time both benefiting the company and the backer who makes a pledge to help fund the project. 

How it works:  

 Kickstarter is a trusted way to raise funding ahead of time for a particular project such as a new product that is in the early stages of mass production. People who pledge funds to a project are known as "backers". In exchange for their pledge backers receive a reward. The type of reward usually depends on the amount of money a backer pledges. A reward can range from something small such as a shout out on a website or car decal to something more enticing such as a new product at a much lower cost than retail value. 

  Rewards are usually issued in tiers. Normally it works like this, the first 100 backers receive a reward for the lowest pledge amount while the next hundred backers receive the same reward for for a slightly higher pledge amount. The amount required for a particular reward gradually goes up as more backers pledge. So being what they call an "early bird" can have its benefits when you pledge for a project early. 

  When it comes to Kickstarter its either "all or nothing". What that means is that if the individual or company that starts the Kickstarter project sets a funding goal, which is usually the minimum amount needed to bring the project to life, and if that amount is not reached by a certain amount of time no funds are received and any funds pledged from backers are returned.  The funding goal not only helps give assurance that backers will receive their rewards but also that the main goals the project is aiming for are achieved.  

Native Shades Goals With Kickstarter:

Native Shades has been working with some of the best wood watch makers and sunglasses manufacturers to become one of the next top wooden accessories brands. Here are just a few of our goals with our upcoming kickstarter,

  • We aim to bring some of the best quality all natural wooden sunglasses and watches on the market, with a variety of styles so that any man or women can find something that fits there personality. We plan to bring new styles and designs that are unique and one of a kind. 
  • Faster Shipping. One of our problems with starting out as a third party vendor has been shipping times. We try to make sure the current products on the site are shipped out as soon as possible but unfortunately sometimes the shipping can take a little longer than some of our competitors and our main priority is the customer. We want to see our customers happy and want to bring them their order as soon as possible. By transitioning to a designer brand on Kickstarter and also working with amazon we will be able to greatly reduce our shipping time and bring our customers there favorite products faster than ever. 
  • Brand recognition. Though we have been in business for about a year now we are still relatively unknown compared to some of the bigger brands of wood watches and sunglasses. With are upcoming Kickstarter we hope to start being noticed as one of the next upcoming top brands. 
  • Bring quality timepieces worth collecting that can be passed down by generation. When it comes to watches serious watch collectors not only pay attention to how the watch looks but also the quality and movement. Right now the watches on our site are quartz movement. With Kickstarter we hope to also bring watches with the other non battery powered mechanical and automatic movements. We want to make available watches that will not only impress the average customer but also those serious watch critics. 
  • The message behind the brand. We not only want to provide quality wooden accessories but in a world so fast paced and with new technology coming out everyday we want to remind people to take a moment and reconnect with nature. The name Native Shades was greatly influenced by Native American culture and a simple way of living yet full of wisdom. Many people may believe "Shades" means sunglasses but it also has a hidden meaning representing all the races and ethnicity's of the world and a reminder that we all are natives to the earth. Many Native American cultures teach that we all are one with everything in nature. In a time with racial tension still alive we want to also send a message to treat one another as one and encourage a simple yet peaceful way of living. 

 As Promised Here Is A Sneak Peak Of Some Of The Upcoming New Designs:









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